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About Our Founder

Lamont "Jaye" Joseph; affectionately known as "Jaye DaBarber"  hears and sees it all from his vantage point. He is a professional barber, salon owner, educator and motivational speaker. Raised by a single mother who instilled in him the importance of being aware of the needs in their community and from his own humble beginnings, "Jaye" knew what it was like to both have a need and to have a need met. 


Standing behind his barber chair, day in and day out, connecting with his clients; clients that range from the haves and the have nots, clients that are both young and old and clients of all economic classes, race and ethnicities, led him to have an epiphany. He contemplated all various needs that so many people have; some big, some small, some short immediate, some long term and he gave some thoughtful consideration to the "What If?"  What if he could rally people to simply fill in the void, to do something on a small scale that would have a significant impact. What If he could simply keep his ear to the ground when it came to the very basic needs that so many lack and so many others take for granted? What If he could identify the gaps between needs that people had and identify ways to fill in some of those gaps? A few conversations took place and a few collaborations would follow and what would ultimately be birthed out of that initial thought is known today as C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts.


"Jaye" tirelessly devotes his time, talent and energy and to reducing the gaps between needs and needs being met and he does so by serving as a champion who rallies others to give as they see fit to do the same. He understands that basic needs, while abundant for some, are a struggle for many.  He believes that by serving the needs of a community you will ultimately change a society, and you will do so for the better.

"Jaye" is a father of a 6 year old daughter that means the world to him and he desires to leave a legacy of serving and building the community that will ultimately help to shape her and solidify her foundation. He lives by the motto that with every failure, a small seed of success is planted, you simply have to be willing to learn and grow from it. He choose to "Proceed With Confidence."




Board of Directors

If you are passionate about serving others, are commited to execution and excellence and desire to align yourself with opportunities that are meaningful, you may be an ideal match for our Board of Directors or one of our special project/program coordinators. 


C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts is actively seeking new board members for our organization! Our ideal candidate is not required to have past board experience but expertise and application in key areas of need is essential. If you have experience in community building, marketing, event planning/fundraising, legal, public relations or accounting and would like to be considered, please email your professional resume and a quick cover letter expressing your interest in serving in one of these capacities. 

      Nichole Wright

Chief Finiacial Officer

         Laurie Presutti


 Dana Marina Williams is a native of South Carolina. She modeled professionally for Millie Lewis and Barbizon for 15 years. Her passion for the beauty industry led  her to attain a cosmetology license in 2000 and cosmetology instructors license in 2013.

        Dana Williams                      Secretary

Special Coordinators

                   Melanie Sovie

                Event Coordinator


         Research and Development

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