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Program, Project and Event Galleries

Bands for C.A.N.S.​​


Bands for C.A.N.S is a fun way to show your support and help to spread the word about C.A.N.S 4 CUTS. With just a  $1 donation you are able to support our  efforts from programming to administrative needs.  Pick up your band from one of our participating affiliates, at an upcoming event or order yours today. 


Special Events​​

Special events hosted by C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts serve to meet a multitude of objectives. These events create a greater sense of community, build or strengthen relationships within various communities, bring families together and help to build brand awareness.


Our partners, sponsors and supporters can see their monetary and in-kind contributions at work and can see the direct benefit of our programs to the communities we serve. This in turn helps us to build new partnerships and ultimately meet more needs. 


Special projects include: Eyes on the Prize Back to School Drive, Focus on Family Thanksgiving Dinner, Our Big Christmas Gift Giveaway and more. 

Cutting Up for a Cause​​


C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts enjoys networking with salons, barber shops and area businesses who serve as affiliates or partners on one or more of our projects. From the Carolinas to Kansas, from California to Texas, with every donation site, distribution site and service site, our network is phenomenal and it's growing. We would love for you to become a part. We don't just service the community, we serve them too! 




Kids Care Too - Kiddie Corner


C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts believes that anyone can help to make a difference. We found some kids that believe the same thing. Our hearts were officially warned when we got all of these special thank you's in the mail.


Interested in collecting canned goods, toilitries, outerwear,  toys or books for children in need contact us to become a C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts Affiliate and partner with us today! 




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