About Us

C.A.N.S  4 CUTS , Inc. is more than a non-profit organization.  While we are a 501(c) 3, we are also a community.  We are extended family to our local neighborhoods.   C.A.N.S  4 CUTS, Inc.’s mission is to  ­­ reduce economic domino effects of hardship and to restore a sense of pride  to our communities across the United States.  For us, community service is not voluntary; it’s necessary.


Since its inception, C.A.N.S  4 CUTS has participated in several community events such as free haircuts at homeless shelters,Free barber,beauty service to individuals temporarliy laid off and an annual Back-to-School event where free haircuts are given in exchange for canned goods that are donated to the Local Food Banks.  We believe that something as simple as a hair cut or hair-do can be a catalyst for change.

C.A.N.S  4 CUTS  also offers  recreational, educational and empowerment activities to strengthen our sense of community.


C.A.N.S  4 CUTS is aggressively pursuing partnerships with local agencies and individuals who share in our community spirit to help us create change not just in our neighborhood but across the country.  To join our team, contact us at: info@cans4cuts.org


Our mission is to create social change by linking the outward performance to inner confidence that is directly link to an external appearance.  By utilizing Behind The Chair platform consisting of action steps and accountability sessions for successful outcomes.





Barbershops and beauty salons who are recognizable cornerstones in their communities as a result of their conscious,comitted,concerted efforts to assess and address the varying needs of the communities in which they live and serve in order to make a lasting impact.


It is difficult to do ANYTHING if you are not CONFIDENT. We believe if you are looking good on the outside it's truly  a step to feeling good on the inside and becoming inspired to push on with a positive outlook. 

La John's Grooming, 8035 Providence Road, Ste 400-111, - Charlotte, NC 28277